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About me

My name is Lucas Brutschy, I am a fourth year PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Peter Müller, at the Chair of Programming Methodology, in the Department of Computer Science of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

I am interested in program analysis and its applications to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of mobile applications.

Research Overview

My current main field of research is the use of static analysis to solve problems arising in the field of mobile application development. Such problems include reliability of applications in mobile environments [OOPSLA14], the analysis of executions costs in mobile applications [FASE14] as well as the support of application development on the device by integration of static analysis into a touch-based development environment [MobileDeLi14]. We evaluate our techniques on top of the TouchDevelop mobile programming language, environment and ecosystem.

Recently, I have become interested in replicated data stores, which typically provide weak forms of data consistency. Such stores are used for large-scale geo-replicated web service (which replicate data to each continent), as well as in mobile applications with offline useage (which replicate data to each device). We have proposed a new correctness criterion for applications using such stores, a generalization of conflict serializability [POPL17].

In 2014, I spent 3 months working on security-related static analysis of Android applications in the Mobile Enterprise Software Group at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center together with Marco PistoiaPietro Ferrara and Omer Tripp. The work resulted in two patent applications and a research paper [OOPSLA2015].

In 2009, I spent 6 months as a research intern at the Programming Research Laboratory of the Seoul National University in South Korea under the supervision of Prof. Kwankeun-Yi. During this time, I worked on scaling a commercialized C static analysis tool to hundreds of thousands of lines of code [VMCAI2011].

Prior to my PhD, I worked as a student assistant programmer in the model checking research project Arcade under the supervision of Dr. Bastian SchlichDr. Jörg Brauer and Prof. Dr. Stefan Kowalewski where we developed a technique to significantly reduce the state space explosion by the use of static analysis [HVC2009].

My other research interests include secure multi-party computation, in particular its practical application in privacy-preserving collaboration and communication. In my Master's Thesis, I developed a protocol for private multi-party reconciliation of sets and proved it secure in an active attacker model [EDBT2013,DPM2013].

For even more details have a look at my Curriculum Vitae and my academic website. You can also find me on ResearchGateGoogle ScholarDBLP and LinkedIn.



  • Lucas Brutschy, Dimitar Dimitrov, Peter Müller and Müller Vechev 
    Serializability for Eventual Consistency: Criterion, Analysis, and Applications
    POPL '17, 458-472, ACM, 2017 (23% acceptance rate, 64/282)
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Lucas Brutschy, Pietro Ferrara, Omer Tripp and Marco Pistoia
    ShamDroid: Gracefully Degrading Functionality in the Presence of Limited Resource Access
    OOPSLA '15, 316-331, ACM, 2015 (25% acceptance rate, 53/210)
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Lucas Brutschy, Pietro Ferrara, and Peter Müller
    Static Analysis for Independent App Developers
    OOPSLA '14, 847-860, ACM, 2014 (28% acceptance rate, 52/186)
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Pietro Ferrara, Daniel Schweizer, and Lucas Brutschy
    TouchCost: Cost Analysis of TouchDevelop Scripts
    FASE '14, 109-124, LNCS. Springer, 2014 (22% acceptance rate, 28/125)
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Hakjoo Oh, Lucas Brutschy, and Kwangkeun Yi
    Access Analysis-Based Tight Localization of Abstract Memories
    VMCAI '11. LNCS. Springer, 2011 (33% acceptance rate, 24/71)
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Bastian Schlich, Thomas Noll, Jörg Brauer, and Lucas Brutschy
    Reduction of Interrupt Handler Executions for Model Checking Embedded Software
    HVC '09. LNCS. Springer, 2009
    [PDF] [BIB]


  • Georg Neugebauer, Lucas Brutschy, Ulrike Meyer, Susanne Wetzel
    Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Reconciliation Secure in the Malicious Model
    DPM/SETOP 2013, 178-193, LNCS, Springer (28% acceptance rate, 13/46)
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Georg Neugebauer, Lucas Brutschy, Ulrike Meyer, Susanne Wetzel
    Design and implementation of privacy-preserving reconciliation protocols
    EDBT/ICDT Workshops 2013: 121-130
    [PDF] [BIB]

Invited Talk Abstracts

  • Lucas Brutschy, Pietro Ferrara, Peter Müller
    TouchGuru: Integrating Static Analysis with a Mobile Development Environment
    MobileDeLi '14, 33-34, ACM, 2014
    [PDF] [BIB]

Online Publications

  • Georg Neugebauer, Lucas Brutschy, Ulrike Meyer, Susanne Wetzel
    Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Reconciliation Secure in the Malicious Model (Extended version)
    IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 2013: 655 (2013)
    [PDF] [BIB]


  • Lucas Brutschy, Pietro Ferrara, Omer Tripp, and Marco Pistoia.
    Fine-grained User Control over Usages of Sensitive system Resources having private data with Applications in Privacy Enforcement​.
    U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 14/630,001, pending, filed 02/2015
  • Lucas Brutschy, Pietro Ferrara, Omer Tripp, and Marco Pistoia.
    A Method for Synthesizing Mock Inputs that Maximize Program Functionality​.
    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, pending, filed 06/2015


  • Lucas Brutschy
    Towards Private Ordered Set Reconciliation Secure against Active Attackers
    RWTH Aachen, vol. Master, 2012
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Lucas Brutschy
    Static Analysis of Microcontroller Software using SAT- and Constraint-Solving
    RWTH Aachen, vol. Bachelor, 2009
    [PDF] [BIB]

Supervised Theses

  • Pascal Zimmermann
    Static Checking of TouchDevelop Programs against Web Service Specifications
    ETH Zurich, Master Thesis, 2014
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Raphael Fuchs
    Inferring Counter-Examples from Abstract Error States via Backward Analysis
    ETH Zurich, Master Thesis, 2014
    [PDF] [BIB]
  • Yves Bonjour
    Must Analysis of Collection Elements
    ETH Zurich, Master Thesis, 2013
    [PDF] [BIB]
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